Shame – ‘Nigel Hitter’

Following their recent singles ‘Alphabet’, ‘Water In The Well’ and ‘Snow Day’ for their highly-anticipated album ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, to be released on January 15th, 2021, Shame have returned for their [last] surprise single ‘Nigel Hitter’, which premiered at 6pm on BBC Radio 1. This new track has been deemed as the ‘Hottest Record In The World’ on Annie Mac’s Future Sounds radio show.

The video for the latest single, directed by London-based film-maker and photographer Maxim Kelly, followed shortly after its radio release, includes repurposed found-footage style montages, that document research of child development in a retro black and white style on deep fake technology. The nature of the video is certainly surreal as it includes underdeveloped children lip-syncing to the track alongside the quintet, who cameo as scientists as if it were a historic experiment.

‘Nigel Hitter’ is described by lead singer Charlie Steen as a “necessary pulse focused on daily routine, repetition, and how extraordinary any ordinary task seemed to me after coming home from touring. A world of percussion and joy lies within.”

‘Drunk Tank Pink’ will be released on January 15th.

Take a peek at the tracklist here:
1. ‘Alphabet’
2. ‘Nigel Hitter’
3. ‘Born in Luton’
4. ‘March Day’
5. ‘Water in the Well’
6. ‘Snow Day’
7. ‘Human, for a Minute’
8. ‘Great Dog’
9. ‘6/1’
10. ‘Harsh Degrees’
11. ‘Station Wagon’

Imogen May

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