SINGLE REVIEW: Himalayas – ‘We Love to Hate’

Cardiff based band Himalayas sing about the “keyboard warriors”. 

There is a constant wave of talent that is spilling out of Wales, Cardiff especially and it’s overwhelming in the best way – it’s hard to keep up nowadays. Himalayas are one of those bands that always pull a perfect track from up their sleeve and they’re always addictive.

After speaking with frontman Joe in an episode of ‘Talk Tonight Podcast’, I got a better insight as to what the meaning is of their most recent single ‘We Love to Hate’. Delving into the likes of society quite literally following the crowd and hating behind a screen, it’s essentially about the “keyboard warriors” online. Trying to sprinkle some positivity and light into the world, Himalayas thought it would be a good idea to get writing about it and it’s proved to be a hit. 

‘We Love to Hate’ is a heavyweight, gut-busting tune laced with energy and fire. It has an extreme amount of stamina, and I’m sure you’d need a pinch of that to have a quick mosh to it at a gig. The strong beats are punchy and beautifully intense. It’s all kinds of infectious. 

‘Talk Tonight Podcast – Episode: Himalayas’ is now available to watch via YouTube where we chat all things Cardiff music scene, Ne-Yo, and the history of the band. 



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