Skegss – ‘Valhalla’

Aussie Surf-punks Skegss are back with their sun-kissed, joyful track ‘Valhalla’

There are some songs that just worm their way into your psyche. Then there are others which only get better with age, and take a while to grow on you. And then there’s ‘Valhalla’, the new single from Aussie surf-punks Skegss, which improves your day within fifteen-seconds of hitting play.

So many bands are desperate to make statements, social commentaries, and hard-hitting political points that they lose the fact that music can just be fun. As a listener and as a fan, sometimes you just want to revel in the sun-kissed joy of a track, and at its heart, ‘Valhalla’ gives you exactly that.

Inspired by The Last Kingdom and those moments in life where everything is simply perfect, ‘Valhalla’ exists simply to make you smile. It’s up-tempo, the melody positively skips along, and like a cold beer and laughs with your best friends in the late afternoon summer sun, it just makes you feel good. It’s lighthearted and catchy and transports you to a place of happiness and heart-warming nostalgia.

As for the brilliantly almost slapstick video, who doesn’t want to have a crazy banquette and a sword fight?

While singer Ben Reed describes the inspiration for the song “as perfect as what you’d want the idea of your own nirvana to be,” before adding; “Like when you’re having beers with your friends, having big cook ups that are real fun to share and we’ve always been lucky enough to have got to do that with (fellow scene peers) Dune Rats. ‘Valhalla’ was based on those experiences, but it’s also kind of cryptically about flying under the radar and avoiding getting into any kind of trouble, and staying healthy enough to keep having those times as you get older throughout your life.

‘Valhalla’ is the first single to be released from Skegss’s upcoming album ‘Rehearsal’ which is due for release on 26th March 2021. The record serves as the follow up from 2018’s universally loved ‘My Own Mess.’


James Holder

Artwork: Jack Irvine 

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