SKIA – ‘Hey Boy’

Bursting with nimble optimism, Norweigan pop sensation SKIA flaunts a plethora of strutting joyous new single ‘Hey Boy’.

Kicking off with a pounding club-inspired beat, a counterpoint brass accompaniment, and a glossy vocal hook, we are served up a banquet of self-assured lyrics “you should know I am overqualified“’ and, artistry that confidently notifies the listener that SKIA (forgive the cliche) means business.

A graduate of Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and Paul McCartney collaborator (​2020 single ‘Anyone’) ​SKIA has been a rising musical force in the past year. With a number of releases already under her belt ‘Hey Boy’ with its peppy spirit and vigor ticks the boxes of a lively anthem destined to soundtrack the dancefloor.

Comparisons can be made to the earlier, edgier work of Lady Gaga (circa. ‘Paparazzi’) where the rules of pop were tinkered with ever so slightly and here, SKIA spins it in her own way brandishing her unique brand of stadium-ready pop.

It’s energetic and infectious and one can only dream of the atmosphere it will bring once gigs return!


Harrison Smith

Image credit: Nina Himmelreich

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