Norwegian scandipop pioneer SKIA is making us all wish it was summer with her new track ‘Pocket’.

In this glistening track, SKIA invites us on a journey of friendship, funk and new-life endeavours through jangly guitars, catchy choruses and sweet-sounding vocals. The girl whose brining the aesthetic beauty of her homeland to Merseyside describes the single herself as a depiction of ‘working through your problems together instead of fleeing from them’. This can definitely be seen from the track’s chorus – ‘…put it back in your pocket’ – which emphasises SKIA’s call for togetherness and collectivism when things hit you hard, and the only person you know can help is your best friend, or when you and buddy find it hard at times, you need to remember SKIA’s golden rule – ‘whatever you carry, I’ll carry it with you!’ This release has an obscure sound that is a rarity these days around the UK alternative scene. It’s a ripe modern sound that is going to overwhelm an ear-hungry group of listeners. Many artists try this style of song, but SKIA is more of a master of it; the perfect fusion of melancholic lyrics whipped in a swirl of joyful hand-clapping and glistening guitars will have British listeners watering in their mouths, wanting more portions of SKIA’s refreshing sounds.

The alt-pop princess creates more fizz for her aesthetic crusade by adopting a single cover of deception. A black and white photo of a back pocket of someone’s pair of jeans, emblazoned with the single’s title – ‘Pocket’. If you saw those colours of black and white you’d expect a more sombre song; oh boy, you’re in such for a surprise – literally! The way the title, however, has been typed up, sets a clear contrast from the background. The colour of the font predicts to you the pallet of colour that’s about to make a splash – it’s going to come fast too.

I think for an artist who is from within the continent and has only been around since the start of the year, the impact that she will make will be very overwhelming. SKIA brings a ripe sound from her home in Oslo to the shores of our bland nation; maybe SKIA is what is needed to add a bit of colour to the grey skies that have just become a part of our national identity. A fruity, fizzy bop that has you dancing on the way to breakfast, it brings aesthetical pleasure as well as musical.

Those 3,000 monthly listeners will start shooting up once Scouse-adopted SKIA learns her way through the rocky waves of the UK’s music ocean, floating herself to the top of the alt-pop charts. She has the style, she has the musical ethos, she has the sound as she has potential. ‘Pocket’ is destined to be the Cupid of the Brits’ love affair with scandipop, as the glee that the chorus delivers will be a favourite in the hearts and minds of listeners.

This is a must-listen for those who love experimental sounds, the type who have a vibrant palate when it comes to digging new sounds. Fans of Sigrid will adore this new release as well as those listeners who are on their musical endeavour, broadening their taste. SKIA will be the latest scandipop artist punching her way through your playlist.


Jack McKenna

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