SLUGS – ‘I Could Do Better’

SLUGS have gracefully waded their way into 2021 with the new trippy and enlightening single ‘I Could Do Better’ – fuelled by self-reflection this groovy bop is a journey better not skipped out on!

From the fuzz filled intro to the kaleidoscopic feel of the song ‘I Could Do Better’ is a track that never feels the same twice, the dynamic, constant soul-shattering lyricism gives you something new to uncover with each listen. Needless to say, we’re experiencing a double dose of catharsis on a rollercoaster through SLUGS’ sonic psychedelia – sobriety is often a tender subject but the laid back lyrics and carefree flow allow for the honesty to ooze from singer/songwriter Marrisa Longstreets’ freely.

Elastic riffs fill the space with their twang, whilst symbols express their jingle-jangle goodness. Yet the Los Angeles-based quartet isn’t afraid to crack the whip when needed with sharp and shocking hooks alluding to the chorus. 

Let the song hold your hand and be the guiding light it’s meant to be in dire times, lifting you up and resuscitating your spirit, and most of all are thankful ‘I Could Do Better’ made it this side of the pond.

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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