Sounds Like A Storm – ‘Make It Better’

Glam-rock quartet Sounds Like A Storm reveal their brand new single ‘Make It Better’

Escapism at its finest: glamorous and alluring four-piece, Sounds Like A Storm has unleashed their brand new single ‘Make It Better’ that is sprinkled in distorted guitars and a sexy swarm of beats. 

The band’s aim is to deliver hope whilst portraying it in their own gritty way – and they can be as candid as possible. Channeling their inner-punk and badass selves, ‘Make It Better’ peppers itself in its true glory as a powerful, crowd-pleasing banger. 

Frontman and songwriter Sennen Ludman wrote this song about life itself, about the things humans love and hate, and delves into human nature and behaviour. When commenting on ‘Make It Better’, he said “At the time I wrote this song my dad was in hospital, I wrote this tune one night in the month of January, it came from nowhere. I suppose lyrically I am picturing things I love, this escapism from hospital wards and the trauma of what I was going through. The juxtapositions bounce in and out throughout the song, this feeling of isolation and loneliness felt unusual at the time, but now for everyone in the world through the pandemic has become almost second nature.”



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