SPINN embrace the new year with their new emotional single ‘After Dark’

As we carry on the new year embracing new albums and singles, we embrace bands who also had a successful 2017, too. SPINN, the foursome from Liverpool had radio plays, a small tour including Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London and received high praises from critics across the country. Their usual happy and jumpy songs are ones that could make anyone find themselves having a small wiggle. This time, there was something different about them, ‘After Dark’ is emotional and impassioned. On the other hand, it has the usual jingle jangle upbeat style that they hold as their identity – it’s almost as if they want a mask to cover up that they don’t want to lose their significant, signature sound.

As they edge closer to their breakthrough and as they gain thousands of fans across the country, their song writing develops and they begin to get more up and personal with their feelings and connecting with their fans. They are pop dreams and they will keep on grabbing people’s attention with their admirable, fast paced fame.

‘After Dark’ is available on all platforms now.

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