Spinn release a highlight reel of their best tunes

Indie dream pop four piece Spinn have been making waves for a while now so it is no surprise that their debut EP hits the mark. The four track self titled release feels like a highlight reel of their best jangly guitar led songs, with 3 having been previously released.

Opening track ‘She Takes Her Time’ was first released in 2017 and really shows off who the Liverpool outfit are as a band. A reverb heavy sunshine filled guitar riff drives the track which is also fuelled by a heavily rhythmic beat that will get your foot tapping and your head bobbing. Beautiful harmonies and accent heavy vocals make sure no listener could have any curiosity about where the band are from. Next track ‘After Dark’ is a Jaws influenced track of bleak story but upbeat tone as we wrote about at the time. 

‘Who You Are’ was the second single released from the EP and is driven by a lively bassline under two often battling guitars. It is impossible to underestimate how crucial Spinn’s guitar sound is to their continuing success. At times reminiscent of Johnny Marr in the 80’s but also with a more modern touch clearly influenced by the ever growing scene of jangly guitar bands it somehow manages to stand out as something a little different.

‘November’ is the only previously unheard track on the EP and it is more of a departure from the standard Spinn sound. A much slower song but one that shows off what is probably most important to this band, frontman Jonathan Quinn’s vocals. In today’s scene, one voice can easily be replaced with another and regional accents are lost but Quinn isn’t scared to let you know where he’s from. His scouse accent soars over the top of a slow and brooding drum beat while hitting every single note with almost choral clarity. ‘November’ feels close, personal and vulnerable and shows that Spinn are about more than catchy riffs, haircuts and being from a city rich with musical history. As a small band, it is easy to just repeat a formula that seems to be working and to try something new is a bold move and thankfully one that has worked.

Spinn’s debut EP may only feature one unheard track but that doesn’t matter when all four songs are as strong as they are. With big radio plays behind them and festival slots ahead for the Liverpool quartet they will only gain more attention. This EP shows that they are not fazed by this prospect and are more likely to embrace it. Spinn are a band to keep your eye on and a name to remember.


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