SPINN release their new single ‘Stuck On A Feeling’

Liverpool-based band SPINN have released their new single ‘Stuck On A Feeling’ and it doesn’t disappoint.

Following up from the release of their self-titled debut album last year, which attracted never-ending praise and gleaming reviews, their newest single shows the band haven’t lost it a year later.

The single offers relatable lyrics, referencing situations that all listeners can most likely resonate with, combined with lead singer Johnny Quinn’s immense vocals, a thorough combination for an instant hit. The chorus remains memorable, whilst light-hearted, yet unmissable riffs are defiant throughout.

The music video accompanying the single is a compilation of clips from their headline show in Liverpool last year, which perfectly compliments the single.

‘Stuck On A Feeling’ is classic, SPINN vibes; indie-pop, accompanied by their established sunny-sound – the sounds which allowed their album to stand out amongst the rest.

The success of their debut album let you know their rise to fame was inevitable, and ‘Stuck On A Feeling’ just reinforces that fact.

The single is perfect for your summer playlist, and it will inevitably find its way there after the first listen.

Words: Danni King

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