Spring King shift their sound

‘Us vs Them’ is a song in two parts, both different to what we have seen from Spring King before but both still contain the essence of the quartet. Oh and don’t worry, the chorus is as huge and sing along worthy as you’d expect.

The second single from the bands just announced second album ‘A Better Life’ starts with a heavily distorted guitar riff that has a tone much heavier than any Spring King song before it. The bassline is similarly heavy and the drums thrash in an even more energetic fashion than on any song on debut album ‘Tell Me If You Like To’. Drumming vocalist Tarek Musa delivers his lyrics with a jagged intensity while still carrying an infectious tune that is sure to be sung in muddy fields all through the summer.

The song then breaks down into an 80’s themed groove with synth parts and beautiful vocal harmonies floating in and out. I can almost see the pits forming in my head before the chorus kicks back in once again followed by that heavy, fuzzy guitar riff.

If the two singles we’ve heard so far are anything to come by ‘A Better Life’ will see an evolution from Spring King but one that is well executed and definitely welcome.

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