SPYRES – ‘I Don’t Care’

Scottish outfit SPYRES offers up their third consecutive single ‘I Don’t Care’ which radiates energy and bursts with simplistic melodies and intricate lyrics. 

Co-produced by Chris Marshall (Gerry Cinnamon, Dead Pony, The Dunts) and Johnny Madden (of Baby Strange) ‘I Don’t Care’ starts with caramel-smooth vocals by frontwoman Emily Downie and bursts into a snappy, springy chorus that screams ‘powerful woman’ as Downie sings about relationships and being independent without one. A euphoric bridge is elegant but delightful as the licks of the guitars echo and screech. 

Drawing influence from the likes of Wolf Alice, their music oozes with masterful guitar strums and swayful melodies, wrapped in sultry production and impressive hooks. ‘I Don’t Care’ is a dazzling representation of SPYRES and their impressive talent. 

When a few of the restrictions were lifted, we went straight into the studio and started writing something new, trying to do something different, and ‘I Don’t Care’ is the sum of that,” Emily says. 

We had to adjust to a new studio since Lo-Fi closed due to COVID, and we couldn’t do things the way we usually do but we worked around it. I remember when we went to write it, we were trying to think like ‘what should we write about?’, It was pure weird because me and Emily haven’t written a song like this before but it came together. We even made some of the lyrics up five minutes before getting into the studio” Keira McGuire adds. 



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