Suncharmer release classic indie rock single ‘The Arizona Outlaws’

Suncharmer have released Americana tinged new single ‘The Arizona Outlaws’. The band, formed in Kent, have making noise around their local scene in recent months and have just come off the back off a show headlining the Tunbridge Wells Forum.

The track kicks off with heavy low riffs, before shifting gear into a classic indie rock chorus which is supported by the lead singers high pitched pines about a girl that is out of reach.

Listening to this song back paints a picture of riding through the desert on horseback, just as the band are in the single artwork. The atmosphere is created by the 60’s surf rock esque guitars in the verse, as well as lyrics referencing digging for gold. The band have fully committed to this American pastiche, with their recent headline show even coming complete with cowboy props.

The song draws parallels with Muse’s Knights of Cydonia, with both songs containing marching drum beat bridges, before kicking into a musical freak out at the end. Knights of Cydonia’s Wild West parody music video also evokes similar imagery to what the band put across here, albeit with ‘The Arizona Outlaws’ being a lot more straight faced.



Words: Matt Hives 

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