Sundara Karma release new single “Illusions” and announce show at London’s Omeara.

It came as a surprise to me this morning when I woke up to an email from Sundara Karma and their announcement of new single ‘Illusions’. Wondering what kind of approach they were going to take, I didn’t hesitate to play it. A sexy, smooth and glossy rhythm pulsated through my ear drums. It made me excited and it’s not easy to stay still during it.

Their slightly modified funky selves have had a long recharge and are ready to infect everyone with their new pop-centric tunes and euphoric solos. It’s the first glimpse of what is yet to come which is a new eccentric version the now old Sundara Karma.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Oscar Pollock said,“The song is a groovy slow pumper, our best effort ever at being both sensual and enlightening. In times of horror and uncertainty we need love and positivity and the ability to recognise that everything around us is temporary. I like to think we are not separate from one another, every single thing we do affects the people and the world around us. From macro to micro – from our inner world to the outer world. Easier said than done and much easier sung than said.”

As if the news of their new single being released wasn’t enough, Sundara Karma announced a small intimate show at London’s Omeara on the 24th October. It’s getting very exciting for the group of four with a refreshing sound.

Image Credits: Amber Pollack.

Sundara Karma – Illusions

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