Sunstinger – ‘Shadows’

The four-piece band from Fife continue to stamp their own sound on the shoegaze genre with their latest track ‘Shadows’.

‘Shadows’ opens with a heavily distorted bassline that moulds into energetic drums guaranteed to get any rock fan on their feet. As the track builds into its crescendo, the instrumentation truly comes into its own as lead singer, Taylor Wright’s, vocals reach above the surface amid the wall of sound that is characteristic of the shoegaze genre.
Wright’s vocals are haunting, as though you’re hearing them from another room. The lyrics are equally as dark, with Wright singing “I wish you were dead and I was alive.
Speaking about the track, Wright says: “It’s about people we knew while we were younger and how we see them doing the same things now they were doing back then.” The song reflects the band breaking free of the monotony of village life and looking back at what their lives could have been.
While Sunstinger is following the footsteps of some of the great shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and The Mary Chain, they bring a refreshing experience and experimentation to the genre with ‘Shadows’.
The band’s debut EP, ‘Beyond The Frame’, is scheduled to be released in June.


Thomas Manning


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