SVEA – ‘Pity Party’

Transport to the depths of the club with SVEA’s new cut ‘Pity Party’.

We’re all missing that feeling. The glitching strikes of coloured lights that flood our favourite underground clubs or the shattering vibrations that wrap themselves around the walls of a house down the street. On ‘Pity Party’, SVEA has managed to recreate this euphoric atmosphere that has been missing from us this year to create a pure-pop nostalgic track that’ll soundtrack your weekend.

As emotions heighten and everything starts to become hazy, SVEA recounts her birthday celebrations and the events that took place when the night slowly starts to go south: “Sitting on my bedroom floor / Throwing up then drink some more / This point I don’t care no more” she sings on the pre-chorus.  The sweat-infused pop track effortlessly mixes its deep bass production underneath the Swedish artists’ sultry vocals to detail a journey that is unfortunately familiar yet currently yearned. Speaking of the track, SVEA shared that the track is about a “party getting way out of hands. [Towards the end] everything just starts to feel like a joke and you start feeling sorry for yourself. The birthday party turned into a pity party!”

The track showcases SVEA’s ability to create captivating pop songs that effortlessly turn into a brief moment of escapism. ‘Pity Party’ is the title track of SVEA’s self-written, six-track EP which reveals her relatability through vulnerable and introspective lyricism alongside striking, modern production. Her innate craft at turning split seconds of intense emotion into fully-fleshed modern pop songs marks her as one of the most exciting artists around.



Nick Lowe

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