T Truman – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’

London based artist T Truman releases new single ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’

There’s nothing like a melancholic piano ballad to mourn the death of Rock ’n’ Roll. T Truman has crafted a squishy, crooning anthem infused with experimental, slow flange and sparkly, ethereal guitars to create a painfully deject song, but equally one of rose-tinted glasses.

Describing his wish of becoming a 60s Rock ’n’ Roll hero, knowing that those times have passed, Truman paints the blissful dream of a young musician, aware of the pressures and difficulties of a modern musician. Playful puns such as “can’t get no satisfaction living like a rolling stone” lighten this song like a soufflé as we enjoy its sweetness, fondly remembering the good ol’ days.

I’m a big fan of Truman’s contrasting lyrics throughout this song. “Rock n Roll is six feet under”, a dead-pan comment from the perspective of someone at the burial, looking to the future with a foot still firmly placed in the past. “Don’t write me off too soon” is believing in yourself, in the music you love, despite the world changing around you.

If you’re a fan of Matt Maltese, you’ll enjoy the romanticism in Truman’s lyrics, with rose-tinted glasses of a colourful 60s lifestyle and powerful crooning vocals. Huge arrangements only support this: searing synths dice the air above you, and subtly mutating flange warm the sound and create a floodgate of emotion leading into the chorus.

A soaring, euphoric bridge, propelling Rock ’n’ Roll into the stratosphere one last time. We, the listeners, mourn the loss of Rock ’n’ Roll with closure and acceptance of its passing.

Following up debut single ‘Holiday’, T Truman treats us to this satirical gem.


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