Tallsaint channels her inner St Vincent in her new single ‘Warm Skin’

‘Warm Skin’  is the lead single from Tallsaint’s debut EP Hard Love. With this track being my first exposure to the Leeds based artist, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As soon as my first listen came to an end I clicked the repeat button straight away. This is a song that will stick in your head all day. The heavy pounding sound of the beat and the delicate vocals counter each other perfectly to create a very unique and interesting sound, one that channels the style of St Vincent and other techno-pop pioneers.

Along with being a catchy pop song, the lyrics also have a lot to give, exploring themes of intimacy and vulnerability they feel very tender and from the heart, reminding me of Dodie’s style of lyricism. Having now listened to all three of Tallsaint’s tracks that have been released so far, I can confidently say that this is not the last you will hear of her. Her lively pop sound is one that I’m sure will catch on and ‘Hard Love’ is definitely going to be an EP to keep an eye out for when it is released on June 20th.

Words: Alex Thomson

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