Tempesst – ‘High On My Own’

Tempesst return with their new single ‘High on My Own’ after a brief gap since only dropping previous single ‘Mushroom Cloud’ last month. This being their third single from their upcoming debut album ‘Must Be a Dream’.

‘High On My Own’ takes you on a path of psychedelic self-discovery, with beautiful vocals and popping synth notes it’s definitely a groovy tune. It makes you feel alive and free, bestowing power on to listeners to take on the track which pulls you into a life long journey. 

A feeling of blissfulness will surge through when you get yourself plugged into this absolute groovy banger, it’s a rigmarole of up and down emotions, self-contemplation, and wonder. I get such serious Austin Power vibes from this.

Tempesst’s debut album ‘Must Be A Dream’ is released on September 30th via Pony Recordings. 

You can listen to ‘High On My Own’ via the link below: 


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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