Tempesst – ‘Mushroom Cloud’

Sometimes I get lost away in the moment… 

That’s the overwhelming feeling that washes over listening to Tempesst’s new psych-ballad, ‘Mushroom Cloud’. The London-based, Aussie-bred rockers have been drip-feeding high-quality singles for nigh on five years now, and it’s hard to say that this latest release is an exception to the rule.

Mushroom Cloud slowly peaks and troughs, navigating beautifully; at first with a bare arrangement of distorted vocals, picked acoustic guitar and deceivingly simple bass and keyboards, before a hooking drum line and Eric Weber’s low cutoff, chorus-drenched guitar arpeggiates into the instrumental crevices.

All praise must go to Toma Banjanin’s songwriting in this track, as it harmonically veers left and right with such control and flourish. Despite its relatively low tempo, it has such phenomenal momentum between every bar; you can never quite guess where it’s going next due to it’s lovely, outside-the-box choices. It leads to some genuinely thrilling moments: my favourites being the fantastic saxophone solo as a tag and in the bridge (which I would absolutely love to become the new chic, by the way, saxophones rule), and the aforementioned lyric “Sometimes I get carried away in the moment”. The chorus cuts through as a climax fantastically, with Banjanin’s warbled baritone absolutely begging to be belted by many a fan, full lighters in the air, brimming with tears moment, amplified gorgeously by the layered backing vocals.

‘Mushroom Cloud’ is an emotional and seasick breakup ballad that captures a grey, jaded wash with such beauty and artistry. This song is due to sit at number four on their ten-track debut, ‘Must Be A Dream’, set to be released on 30th September 2020. If this is what’s coming slap bang in the middle of the tracklisting, then we might have a hidden gem on our hands.

Joel Mallen


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