The 1975’s ‘Give Yourself A Try’ is tedious to listen to.

Matty Healy likes everything to be perfect. Lyrics, the music itself and the message he needs to portray and to get across. It makes me wonder whether fame has warped his sense of perfection. The hype that builds up around them creates a huge risk that they can disappoint or the quality will be overblown; there’s a fine line and The 1975 may have fallen over.

Since gaining huge success from their debut ‘era’ of black and white, a lot has changed since. A new wave of colour and a new wave of sound on their second album, ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’. They changed to a more anthemic and atmospheric sound, it came as a huge shock that they wanted to create much more lighter tunes, with a hint of happy romance and cheerful melodies, rather than singing about fucking and puking on shoes. This time, the bar is set high, because they haven’t been around, they came back from out of nowhere. Deleting their social media to get attention, like they usually do.

Yesterday, live on BBC Radio 1, Healy announced that there are two albums set to be released, and of course, he has gone over the top with it. In my opinion, two albums so close together and what seem so rushed to me won’t work. It’s hard to do multiple creative projects at once, without one of them suffering and lacking quality as they are both going to be different.

Their third and most upcoming album, ‘A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships’, because they are so fucking obsessed with technology ruining lives and taking over the world; we got a brief insight to what we are expecting from their highly anticipated album and to be honest, my expectations got shattered into tiny pieces. New single ‘Give Yourself A Try’, is bland and there’s something about it that doesn’t make it…them. On the other hand, I fully support bands adjusting their sound to stay relevant or because they fancy something different.

‘Give Yourself A Try’ is nothing to be desired, it’s boring, dull and tedious to listen to, but, the lyrics are meaningful and that’s one positive I can muster from this monotonous track. It’s about giving yourself a chance to believe in your own will. It raises awareness of suicide and drug abuse, which society don’t talk about enough. One of the many things that The 1975 do, and only some of it is useful and educational in some respects.

But don’t forget Matty, the internet made you relevant, don’t knock it.

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