The Baltics – ‘Bad Reality TV’

Newcastle four-piece The Baltics are back again, making the world a better place with their latest single ‘Bad Reality TV.’

I have written in the past how the lads from the North East were destined for big things after the release of their debut – ‘Carbon Theme Park.’ I now echo those words again because they have produced yet another masterpiece. There are some stark differences between this release and their debut, the style, and flow of the song is a complete contrast of the upbeat ‘Carbon Theme Park’: jangling distortion and a soothing beat.

When you first tune in, it feels like you’re swimming in the middle of this glistening ocean, and you find a miraculous item embedded in the ocean bed. The main thing that gives this track its kick, as well as Shay’s poetic vocals, is the distortion of the guitar – it gives the track this great flow; The nostalgic-imaging lyrics, a smooth bass beat, it wraps you up into this blanket of nostalgia that you miss so much, suddenly waking up to realise it’s just a dream – a fantasy. It gives you the feel of resting and then gives you a right good shakeup.

Having talked to the band two weeks before the release, I can see that the concept of the song was heavily influenced by Declan McKenna; combining pop and politics, wrapping it up to make global change attractive. The distortion of the song leaves you realising that you are starring in the world’s worst reality show and that the only way to change it is by defying the script and reaching to click the button on the remote. That impression can be seen from the single’s cover as well. A TV on static, demonic ghouls springing from the set, a plant hanging casually and a fiery background – it truly is a cover that will make you wake up from this hellish channel. The orange background on the cover just signifies how this track is a wake-up call to us that there the world is burning, and we just need to ‘change the channel now, or the world will bleed’.

For me, the lads from the NE Postcode have done more than impressed listeners with this track. Shay, Josh, Guy, and Adam are pulling no punches, this release shows that they mean business. These are slowly emerging into the band of the North East. We’re not normally known for intricate guitar playing, articulate lyrics, and starting a crowd, but The Baltics prove the doubters wrong!

So, if you’re looking for a fix of being blown away, then tune into ‘Bad Reality TV’ – no, seriously! It caters to all kinds of listeners; for the daydreamers who adore The Magic Gang, and for the loyalists who immensely love The Lathums – The Baltics have you sorted. These lads are the next big thing, and trust me: you will not want to wait until this pandemic is over because this track will have your blood pumping at that first post-pandemic gig.


Jack McKenna

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