The Beach – ‘Still In Love’

The Beach

George Morgan aka The Beach returns with a rich new single, titled ‘Still In Love’.

This offering from the singer is co-produced and written with the soulful Fyfe. Influenced by a recent break-up, ‘Still In Love’ is a delightfully textured expression of emotion, calling upon painful feelings to create a work of art.

Morgan’s songwriting is melancholic and thoughtful, with a relatively minimal instrumental during the verses and a much heavier, bouncy synth during the falsetto chorus. It is certainly the most pop-influenced track he has unleashed, with it being somewhat reminiscent of Declan McKenna’s more mainstream releases, and, surprisingly, slightly resembles ‘About Love’ by MARINA with the hint of EDM on the chorus linking the two.

The single is the first from The Beach’s upcoming EP in which Morgan described via social media as “the rawest and honest” he’s ever been. As a taste of what’s to come, ‘Still In Love’ is sure to leave many fans hungry for more emotionally raw tracks in the EP.



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