The Capollos – ‘Telephone’

Aberdeen based band, The Capollos are back with their brand new single ‘Telephone’ which is slower and much more refined. 

The Scottish music scene is booming with talent, from The Snuts to The Katuns, Aberdeen’s very own, The Capollos are one of Scotland’s most exciting up and coming bands.

Since releasing their electrifying (no pun intended) single ‘Electrify’, their ever-growing number of listeners continues to grow. With their sound on their new offering ‘Telephone’ much more refined and slow – with guitar licks and riffs similar to Red Hot Chilli Peppers their progression is impressive and admirable. 

Despite their laid back style on ‘Telephone’, their rhythm and groove hasn’t been stripped, their personalities shine through as a band – they are a ferocious force, with clever lyrics and smooth vocals. 

The Capollos are ready to take 2021 by storm, you better watch out. 



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