The Clause are in their element

I don’t think The Clause realise how powerful their impact on the up and coming music scene is right now, the fact that they have done most, if not all of the hard work without any high-end industry peoples around them shows any band who aspire to be a successful band can do it on their own. The progression from their debut single ‘Shut Me Out’ to their highly anticipated and catchy number ‘In My Element’ is a huge leap into the next chapter in their ever-growing success (that’s an understatement). One minute they’re playing a venue that holds up to one hundred people, to then securing festival slots across England where people are desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the next biggest indie band Birmingham has to offer from outside of a packed tent.

‘In My Element’ has been a long time coming for the group of four – it’s the track which will kick off their career through it’s repetitive, addictive and gut-busting riffs. It’s infectious, to say the least, and more importantly, it’s an easy song to love and know. It’s fun, upbeat and the music video, of course, was filmed at Snobs nightclub in Birmingham – what better way to do it?

If this doesn’t get them to Glasto’ next year, I’ll be very confused and quite upset. 

‘In My Element’ is released on all platforms on Friday the 12th of July and if you’re around London on the 13th of July, why not celebrate their release with them at Nambucca as they play a set for This Feeling? There’s no excuse. 


Words: Geo Blackman 

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