The Clause – ‘In My Element’ (Skream Remix)

The Clause see a new twist and modification on their groovy tune ‘In My Element’ 

One of Birmingham’s finest bands, The Clause released their funk-inspired offering ‘In My Element’ last year, and releasing it for the second time, a new twist has been revealed. London-based producer and DJ – Skream who goes by the name of Ollie Jones by day has modified the track, into a filthy-dance number. 

The four-piece haven’t seen festivals this year, but their remix of ‘In My Element’ makes up for the rest of 2020 with this brand new release. Their swagger and 80s inspired groove hasn’t been removed but instead, it’s been amplified with springy sounds, versatile beats, and frontman Pearce Macca’s vocals still as strong as ever. 

Having been in the studio this year, 2021 is looking up for The Clause



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