The Crooks – ‘Frankie’

The Crooks return with their anthemic big riffer: ‘Frankie’ tips its hat to massive brit-pop tracks of olde.

The track starts with curious vocals and subtle guitar that shrouds the real money maker of the track before letting you in on what ‘Frankie’ really is. The Crooks’ wall of sound quickly builds; letting you in on more and more, guitar riffs grow more intricate and complex perfectly complementing the steady beat of the drum. Soaring vocals from frontman Jacko mark the start of something very special after a gripping chorus, unleashing an otherworldly guitar solo the song becomes a frenzy of all things 90’s UK rock ‘n’ roll.

‘Frankie’ feels like a sonic manifestation of The Crooks’ energy and, truly is the complete distilled version of the band – emerging from their slumber they have released something massive into the world with this track and it’s unforgettable. This reflection of The Crooks seemed almost effortless, bloody biblical.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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