The Dead Freights – ‘Sufferin Safari’

The Dead Freights are back with their fuzzy new offering ‘Sufferin Safari’ 

It’s been a minute since Southhampton’s four-piece The Dead Freights’ last release back in December but they’ve been busy, today marks the reveal of their new moody beast of a beat, ‘Sufferin’ Safari’. The extra added edge to their sound is a welcome tweak for them; cheekily delivered lines don’t go unnoticed either.

The tasty drop of melancholy is the juicy selling point here; it enhances the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and transforms them into a somber thought-provoking line “All the bad dreams make sense but the wet ones don’t” – they definitely are the highlight of the track. Short-tempered riffs lace the track with ragged fuzz whilst drums lurk in the background ready to explode at any moment.

These southerners have acquainted themselves with a new moodiness that suits them incredibly, just hope that they don’t let up anytime soon.

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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