The dog days are not over yet with Far Pacific

With the overpowering volume of indie bands in today’s world of music, I often find myself asking, “Is there really any more space for another?” But when four-piece Far Pacific from Newcastle released their latest single, ‘My Love’, I just couldn’t help myself but to make an exception.

Set free into the hands of the public on the 18th July, the jovial track has wiggled it’s way onto my Summer playlist.

Where to begin?

At 3 minutes 40 seconds long, ‘My Love’ beams the warmth of dog days and flourishing juvenile romance. The heavily reverberated and chirpy guitar resonates this throughout the tune and contrasts the brisk and dense drums. Like a dandelion seed catching on the wind, twinkly xylophone tiptoes around the second verse adding more to this youthful radiance.

The vocals are unfaltering, memorable and completely responsible for providing us with that ever-so-catchy chorus (that is now going to be stuck in my head for days – I’m not complaining).

You can almost hear this glorious anthem being bellowed back to the band on the main stage at a festival.

So much talent is compiled into one band, and with only two singles available right now, the future for this up and coming band is looking as bright as ‘My Love’.



Words: Meg Berridge

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