The Drift – ‘Downfall’

The Drift are back with their second single ‘Downfall’ and they take things in a gloomy yet exciting direction.

‘Downfall’ opens with a simple but casual riff and drums to back it, with brief but powerful lyrics to move into the chorus – frontman Matt Brook’s voice soars in preparation for the massive chorus, that’s an utter maelstrom, singing: “Are you waiting for the day you trip and fall/you’re counting down the days that the world will see it all”

Taking things up a notch or two, in the build-up, to a huge, pulsating chorus the music quickly halts and we get a subtle “they’ll never see you” with a distorted vocal from Matt. It breaks out and everything is as supercharged as before, unified backing vocals that are the calm of the storm, and the main hook just makes you want to lash out and dance. Everything just bounces perfectly off of each other right here, from Luke’s crashing drums, Tyler’s’ shocking riffs, and Frank’s subtle bass… 

Having all the elements of a classic brit-rock tune the Birmingham boys are sure to find success with this second release and soon to find themselves in mix of the best upcoming bands in Birmingham. 


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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