THE FEENS – ‘Sunset’

Scarborough indie-rockers THE FEENS are making waves in the big ocean that is the British music scene at the moment, especially with the release of their new single ‘Sunset’.

Fusing The Smiths-like melodies with a hoppy beat is what makes this track have a feel of walking on the beach, basking in the cold sunset with a few tins and not being able to escape the cloud of bonfires. THE FEENS were thinking one step ahead – as what is seeming to be a rather depressing autumn – by releasing this and giving you an excuse to have those mid-day dancing in the underpants sessions. I think THE FEENS are not cementing themselves with the stereotypical, boyish indie-rock that they appear to be but cementing themselves as a raw, original Yorkshire band that are offering a pick ‘n mix of sounds. Yes, their usual material is what you would expect any band that tries and cements itself in the Northern indie rock scene to sound like, but this with the bouncy lyrics, a timeless guitar melody, and a beat that has you skipping all the way to bus stop.

The impression I got from the Yorkshire lads; is that with this track they were wanting to experiment with a different sound, being pop-infused instead. The summer vibes are ripe along with the image of melting ice lollies, and ice-cold beers. The joyfulness that is so subtly constructed with the guitar, drums, and lyrics gives a sense of nostalgia for a seaside holiday or an evening at the beach with pals whilst watching the sun go down above the water. This single plants summer memories that you are desperately wanting whilst COVID-19 runs rampage, but it can’t reign supreme over an upbeat melodic banger from four lads who hail from the White Rose County.

This quartet are soon going to be making waves though beyond their quaint seaside town. With tracks like ‘Sunset’, I do think that THE FEENS will become more exposed to the ears of listeners once gig season returns as this track becomes a live fan favourite. 

Jack McKenna

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