The Garden were like “pixies on MDMA” at Electric Ballroom

Plucked from the dreamland of Orange County, California, the twin brothers of garage punk band, The Garden, station themselves in the powerhouse venue, Electric Ballroom of Camden in London. After a flush of jarring light and a monotonous drone, Wyatt and Fletcher Shears pounced from seemingly nowhere into sight with outlandish excitement.

Both threw themselves around the stage, like two charged atoms brimming with energy, creating a sound that could only be described as The Pixies on MDMA.

With their relentless performance, the Shears brothers and crowd alike spent (probably) a maximum of ten seconds at a time of not moving, jolting and shoving about at all other times.
From throbbing, melodic sequences such as ‘No destination’ to guttural, non-stop bangers like ‘Stallion’ and the famous ‘All Smiles Over Here :)’.
It is evident that both brothers are pioneers in a ever-evolving punk scene with their electronic fusions with gritty guitar and intense, harrowing drums.

Words: Megan Berridge

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