The Goa Express – ‘Be My Friend’

The Goa Express have an attitude that flexes their extreme confidence

I don’t know if I ever doubted the future of indie rock. Don’t know if I ever thought about it, to be honest with you but I guess there’s always that niggling feeling that the sounds of the good old days, at least as I (vaguely) remember them, will get left behind, abandoned, forgotten, unwatched on Freeview music shows from yore. I don’t know. Or perhaps I do? I don’t know if the band members of The Goa Express spend much time watching Old Grey Whistle Test re-runs on the Yesterday channel, but they sound like they do. Forging new stuff based on the old stuff… But new.

‘Be My Friend’, reveals the band’s intentions a little more. If it were a cake (like everything is right now) It would be one slice MC5, one slice Buzzcocks, and another slice Birdland (like some decade themed sponge perhaps.)

Their last single, ‘The Day’, was defiantly positive. That vibe continues here with this new release and tells me, who couldn’t do with a shot of that right now?

With an attitude that flexes between ‘Rolling Blackouts’ finest blissful riffage and a confident Parquet Courts, The Goa Express takes you on a speed fuelled rollercoaster ride that ends before you know it. Like all good rollercoasters do. I guess I’ve never been on one but I reckon this is the musical equivalent.

And while we can only look longingly towards the future and the return of live music, we shall wait, impatiently for the debut album from The Goa Express who can right now, take a bow knowing they’ve uplifted at least one person’s spirit today.


Stuart Parker

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