The Katuns – ‘Friend Like You’

Scotland has this forever fresh scene of bands that keeps on growing. It’s wonderfully thriving. The Katuns release their debut single ‘Friend Like You’. 


Their debut single ‘Friend Like You’ features sharp and sonic riffs from lead guitarist Declan Milne that pull this bop together that give it such an exciting sound. Exploring out of routine romance and lust-filled feelings frontman and vocalist Adam Frame sets the course for success with his lyrics. “Left your number for me to take”/ “Fast forward a couple years on, I quite liked you but it seems quite wrong”/ “We’ve been friends for so long”.

 ‘Friend Like you’ is the embodiment of youth culture and excitement and will take you back without a doubt. A hopeful howl on the chorus sums the track up perfectly “Can I call tonight?” It’s young Arctic Monkeys vibes at its best but this bop is truly The Katuns own. Keep your eyes on not only on these boys but the whole of Scotland’s music scene and you’ll be drowning in feel-good tunes left, right, and center!


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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