The Lathums – All My Life

As their debut independent release, ‘The Memories That We Make’ hangs in the UK Albums Charts Top 10, The Lathums have released a new track today.

The indie four-piece have continued to grow in popularity, with each release receiving glistening reviews and earning them legions of fans.

‘All My Life’ offers an insight into pain and anger, but in the most beautiful, well-composed way. Lead singer Alex Moore’s vocals take center-stage, giving a captivating performance of desperation and emotion. Accompanied by soft guitar riffs and slow drums, Moore’s vocals begin softly and stripped-back, before the chorus takes hold and his voice magnificently fascinates you.

The video accompanying the single is shot in their hometown of Wigan, on vintage film and captures the nature of the song perfectly.

It’s difficult to consider this is one of the first songs Moore ever penned, yet this just evidently reinforces the known-fact that The Lathums are incredibly talented, and destined for big things.

Words: Danni King

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