The Lathums – ‘I See Your Ghost’

The Lathums release a playful video for spooky new single, ‘I See Your Ghost’…

The Lathums released the music video to accompany their latest single, ‘I see your ghost’.

This video is many, many things. It’s fun, it’s unique, it made me laugh and it also featured one of the best songs from the Wigan lads yet!

Lining up with the spooky season, this video features the lads getting into the spirit. The video opens to bassist Johnny Cunliffe, very masterfully playing his bass whilst skating boarding down the street, producing the awesome, groovy riff that sends us into the song.

The focus then shifts to a living room, where the band are gathered playing the ‘I See Your Ghost’, which is also reminiscent of something out of Beetlejuice. As frontman Alex Moore belts out some very tongue-twisting lyrics, his head appears to be resting on a plate of lettuce as if beheaded.

Throughout the video they get up to all sorts of mischief, like floating around on strings, messing around with the green screen, and using an Ouiji board to summon a ghost guitarist!

The Lathums have definitely created one of the most unique videos. 



Jack Horsley

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