The Lotts – ‘Out Of It / I’ll Get Round To It’

 Re-emerging with their double side EP, The Lotts serve up a double dose of noisy and scratchy garage-punk carnage in ‘Out Of It / I’ll Get Round To It’

Finding their strength in the simplicity, the quartet thrives in the chaos of ‘Out of It’ and ‘I’ll Get Round To It’. The first side features a short and snappy number in ‘Out of It’, its driving riffs soar and move the track with their intensity and their scratch emitting tones. Vocals are let out with unruly screeches and are the sonic manifestation of the tunes’ freedom.

The counterpart of the former is delivered in a much more relaxed and laid back fashion; ‘I’ll Get Round To It’ emits such a free garage-rock sound and gives the double side the well-needed substance. Backing vocals casually loom in the background prior to an absolutely electric riff. The Lotts set a super hang loose scene with the tune and provide nothing but top-tier vibes.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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