The Lotts – ‘We Are The Lotts’

Garage band The Lotts release their debut EP – it’s a corker! 

“Do it fast, Do it loud!” That’s the motto of Warrington four-piece The Lotts, and they have certainly lived up to that on their debut EP ‘We Are The Lotts’. Recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, it’s a brash, aggressive triumph. The five-track EP is short and simple but encapsulates everything great about garage rock. 

‘We Are The Lotts’ opens with the title track, a riotous, guitar-driven romp that gets your blood pumping. This works as the perfect introduction to what The Lotts are all about, it’s fast, it’s fun and of course, it’s loud. ‘I Don’t’ follows suit, and it is one and a half minutes of pure fuzz, however, the drums hold the song together. It finishes beautifully, including a kilter guitar solo that brings this noise-fest to a brilliant close.

The EP then takes a slight change of pace, ‘Dumb’ being a slower, more anthemic track, helping to give you a bit of space to catch your breath before being propelled back into the maelstrom that is The Lotts’ EP. ‘Preacher Man’ is the penultimate track, it starts off with a lovely bass line that then explodes into an extremely catchy hook that keeps going throughout the verses of the song. This track is my favourite, it has so much power and energy, it slows down in the middle with some brooding guitars building up to the final wave of at the end, finishing on a bang.

The final tune on ‘We Are The Lotts’ is ‘Mouth’ and brings the EP to a moody close, it is a much slower cut and is also the only track to make it past the three-minute mark. It is a great finale to an EP that I highly recommend. 

The Lotts are a band that are new on my radar, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on them, especially considering their notorious live sets seem to cause utter carnage “Turned a family pub into a mosh pit. SHOCKING!!!!!!” one review reads.

The band clearly share similarities with garage rock bands like The Strokes and The Velvet Underground but didn’t realise until people told them of the resemblances. They were inspired to play music by artists such as Ty Segall and Mac Demarco and decided they didn’t want to copy anyone’s sound, or as lead singer, Henry, puts it. “It’s just simple energetic rock, what’s wrong with that? We don’t write songs to tick a certain box or whatever. It’s music for people who like it simple and stupid” 


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