The Magic Gang announce debut album

The Magic Gang have seemingly been a staple of the indie scene forever. In reality, ‘No Fun’ and ‘Alright’ were only uploaded to Spotify in 2015, meaning fans have been waiting less than 3 years for a debut that seems long overdue.

A quick peek at the 16 track long setlist suggests why a baying crowd has been kept waiting. 8 of the tracks including new single ‘Getting Along’, are unheard before and ‘Your Love’ has only previously been a single, not featuring on any of the Brighton based bands 3 EP’s. Presumably, new versions of old songs have been recorded too if the recent re-release of fan favourite ‘Alright’. Hopefully, the re-recordings add to the tracks rather than take away some of their charm like the new version of ‘Alright’ did. Surprisingly the self-titled LP features acoustic versions of ‘Getting Along’ and ‘All That I Want Is You’ as well as full band recordings of the songs, an idea that is often left for deluxe editions. Perhaps this is a small reward for a band that has made their fans wait for what seems a considerable amount of time.

What is also worth noting is that, instead of being woo’ed by major label money, The Magic Gang have chosen to release their album on Felix White’s Yala! Records, marking the labels first full-length release too. Production duties are mainly handled by Jolyon Thomas, best known for working with Royal Blood and Slaves, with Hugo White and James Dring both produce a track each.

I thought I knew what the debut album from The Magic Gang would sound like but so far more questions have been raised than answered. The choice of producer is interesting and the singles already released are variable in both style and quality. New single ‘Getting Along’ has got me invested in the Brighton band again for the first time since I tried to get the attention of one of them who happened to be working behind the bar in a pub in Dalston.

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