The Magic Gang – ‘Make Time For Change’

The Magic Gang explore diversity, change and new sounds in ‘Make Time For Change’

If there’s one band you can always rely on to pull an indie banger out of nowhere, it’s The Magic Gang. They’ve been at this game for a few years, and are fast becoming memorable names in the music industry. Maybe you haven’t heard yet of the Brighton foursome until now but they’ve been making waves ever since they released their self titled EP in January of 2016. 

After grinding it out in the music industry and releasing their debut album in 2018, they’ve proven that they’re not a band to be messed with. They mean business and they’re here to stay, so with that comes the release of their follow up album, ‘Death of the Party’, which is set to be released on August 28th – you’ll want to mark that in your calendar. 

If you’re a fan of bands like Sundara Karma and Jaws, you’ll love their new EP ‘Make Time For Change.’ It’s far removed from their prior released stuff and it’s a brilliant new turn for Jack Kaye and co. The four-track EP took me by surprise as I expected more of the same from them; similar to the soft, indie noise they’re known for. However, they’ve produced something that is certain to put them on a map and leaves me excited for their second album. 

With slight jazz and a progressive rock twinge, they’ve definitely evolved as a whole. The first track ‘Make Time For Change’ is about changing for the better. We all want to be healthier, go on our phone less, and to improve as people in general. 

Following up, ‘Take Back The Track,’ a song that reflects the change of their sound. It starts off with influences from The Strokes, then somehow flows perfectly with 80’s sounding tones. This song without a doubt shows how far the band have developed and how much they’ve experimented throughout. 

The penultimate song, ‘What Have You Got To Lose,’ is an excellent display of everything they’re cracked up to be. They’re the indie band of the moment, in fact, they’ve been on my radar since 2017 and I know they’re only going to progress more and more as the years go by. At first, I didn’t think much of this song when it was first released, but that’s only because it wasn’t The Magic Gang sound I was so used to. Now I’m a huge fan of it and I think it accompanies the other songs perfectly on this EP. 

Lastly, is the enigmatic ‘Think’ rounds off the EP outstandingly, The Magic Gang have blown this one out of the park. If you’re not sure about this new EP, then I think, ironically, ‘Think’ is the best place to start. It shows a completely different side and elements of diversity to The Magic Gang and I can’t wait to see what their album has to offer. 

Kamala Adams

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