The Murder Capital did not fail to impress with their debut album ‘When I Have Fears’

Dublin quintet The Murder Capital released their debut album ‘When I Have Fears’ on the 16th August 2019, showing off their raw material.

The 10 gritty post-punk tracks that carry the album have collectively made ‘When I Have Fears’, with three of the songs being released as singles beforehand. The lyrics on this album are enhanced by emphatic vocals and deep bass riffs, creating a sorrow tone throughout the album. 

Beginning with a five minute track ‘For Everything’ – The Murder Capital created a dark and biting track to introduce the album. Whilst their debut also highlights their feisty side, it demonstrates their deep and solemn aspects, as they are often compared to artists such as Joy Division. The introductory track wraps all the elements of this album into one, which sets up high expectations for the rest of the album. Evidently, they proved their style of music to be experimental, yet did not fail to impress. 

As the album develops with songs such as ‘On Twisted Ground’, The Murder Capital consistently allow their grunge style to show, through the sounds of raw guitar and intimate vocals. On ‘When I Have Fears’, the quintet have not only created the impression they have invented their own genre, but have made a refreshing album which separates them from the rest of upcoming artists. 

The Murder Capital are embarking on a headline UK tour this autumn; ‘When I Have Fears Tour’, where undoubtedly, their performance will parallel their phenomenal album.  


Words: Robyn Crowther

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