The New Consistent indulges in his new emotional journey that is “3 Years”

Spoken word is a forgotten genre but it’s slowly rolling back into fashion. With the likes of Courtney Barnett rolling around in all her current glory – it’s being recognised, finally.

Ben Ramsay also going by the name of The New Consistent, in his new track “3 Years” doesn’t hold back indulging in his new emotional journey and the truths behind romantic relationships. It’s so delicate and raw, from the natural, mellow beats to the clearing of the throat. It’s a luscious confession diary and we are handed secrets on a plate.

A gentle beat, doesn’t shy away from the fact that the production has taken it up a notch. Ozzy from Swim Deep has once again helped out on this and no doubt this is Ramsay’s best track yet. The softness is stunning.

Having a unique sound can make you go a long way. Keep going Ben.

Listen to “3 Years” below:

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