The New Consistent releases his new EP ‘Individual Social Accounts And Commentary’

No one works as hard as Ben Ramsay does, his work is something he takes pride in and he’s constantly making any opportunity for himself to improve. His recent work is some of his best yet and it’s kind of addicting? I put the question mark there because I didn’t know if that was the right word to use, I did it anyway.

I remember giving Ben some feedback after his release of ‘3 Years’, I told him layering his tracks would make it even better, not that at this point it’s even possible to make him any greater than he is – but he only went and did it in his debut EP ‘Individual Social Accounts And Commentary’.

The natural progression Ben makes seems to shine through in his work and it’s instantly shown in the first track of his mellow EP. ‘The Runaway Mind’ is about, well.. his mind and it’s what it says on the tin, no fucking about. The thing is, every single project that’s been released by him so far is personal and it’s something I sit back and admire. This first taster of EP of wonder has continued to be just as personal as his other bits and bobs. It’s got small, basic but elegant beats that accompany his spoken word stories.

‘Greta Oto’, the second and most developed track starts off with small recordings and echo-like sounds which is a contrast to his other songs, it’s the most developed and unique on there. It’s threaded with sci-fi tones and clumps of punchy beats which is a repetitive remedy of layers.

Already released, ‘3 Years’ which is the third beautiful piece and I’ve always said that this song will be my favourite one due to the slick execution of his voice and the persistently calm riffs. It’s a delicate, personal piece. I’m quite sleepy now.

‘The New Consistent’, Ramsay’s first ever project, is a jangly bundle of words and chiming sounds that for me is special because it’s nice to hear his singing voice – it’s raw  I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful whilst the backing vocals help bring the song to life.

Finally, ‘Petrol Station Flowers’ is the last chapter of this gorgeous story and I’m feeling rather emotional, once again, the vocals are brought back and it’s rather sensational, to say the least. The love and passion he shows is an overwhelming sense of hope for Ramsay, this song could be a chart topper one day. I felt like there was going to be a huge explosion after being built up from the start within this dazzling tune, but it only keeps me hanging – I’m intrigued and I’m desperate for more already.


Words: Geo Blackman

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