The new wave of spoken word lyricism is exciting and fresh.

Music is art, not all music has to be sung, it can be spoken words lyrics which has become exciting, fresh and popular. Especially with Worcester’s new talent, Ben Ramsey also known as ‘The New Consistent’.

Releasing his most recent single, he uses story telling and speaking as his forefront, what better way to showcase talent by just laying everything on the table, being natural and using everyday experiences rather than doing more than you can possibly chew? And that’s why Ramsey’s material is something different, interesting to listen to and it’s heartwarming.

Smooth layers that lace around his voice is the smooth but simple guitar sounds make you want to capture the moment in the palm of your hands. The way the record gradually builds up into a thrilling masterpiece with that small bit of flare added to it, makes me excited for Ben Ramsey’s future.

You never know, Swim Deep’s very own Ozzy who produced this song could just be the icing on top of the cake to make the perfect dream team.

This journey is going to be emotional and a bit of a rollercoaster.




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