The Night Society – ‘Jump’

With their third release this year, the Guildford indie-poppers are jumping their way on to your playlist with their pop-infused new track, ‘Jump.’

‘Jump’ will have you boarding a tube train back to those pre-lockdown indie nights within the first twenty seconds of the song. Not only that but as you have the soft beat in your ear, you instantly feel that you are taking a bath full of bright neon – there’s so much colour this new release brings. As well as its alluring beat, the soft vocals sugar-coated with melancholic lyrics serves you nicely alongside a side of an electrifying guitar riff – the duo could be what this bleak autumn needs; an array of vibrant nostalgia. Like seriously, the latter half of the song sends you into a frenzy of dancing on a glass dance floor whilst led lights beam down on you in a stop-motion fashion.

The Night Society are intending to go for an aesthetic – 1975-esque fused with the famous B-Town bands, providing you with a tinge of Swim Deep – and they are doing a good job going for it. You don’t have to look further than the release’s cover to note this; half ahead with waves of colours bursting out whilst the background succumbs in pastel pink. This is exactly what you feel like listening to this single. I expect with these walking the streets of Surrey, that there is a storm of pastel pink and blue hovering the skies of the county.

‘Jump’ – must listen if you’re a big fan of The 1975, or you used to be big followers of bands like Swim Deep and VITAMIN.  There’s no better soundtrack to your Instagram aesthetics than this or an even better soundtrack for your route home from uni or work to brighten up those miserable autumn dark nights and throw you back into a pool of summer.

Jack McKenna


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