The Novus – ‘Man on the Bridge’

One of Birmingham’s finest bands, The Novus are back better than ever with ‘Man on the Bridge’ 

The Novus are one of Birmingham’s best up and coming bands. Ever since they released their debut track ‘DiveI felt the band had something special. Since then they’ve grown in so many ways regarding their music, stage presence, and overall look, there’s truly nobody like them on the circuit in Birmingham. 

The band have recently released their new track ‘Man on the Bridge’, and it was that special they even got it pressed for a 7” release – something we should all consider purchasing. 

At first, when you hear ‘Man on the Bridgeit could be considered quite a silly track when you hear the chorus, but you’d be wrong. It’s loud and in your face with some memorable guitar work. Connor’s vocals are untouchable, as he puts the key ingredient to any Novus track, it’s that distinctive. I love how the band can take something as comical as a man dancing in his pants, and make it a serious garage rock song that people can really get into.

On top of this, when the band were putting together a music video for ‘Man on the Bridge’ they were shot at. Yes, you read that correctly, they were actually shot at. Thankfully the band managed to dodge the shoot out as it was clear there was a misunderstanding, and in Novus fashion got the video wrapped up.

I was already a fan of the band before this, but this release just makes me love them more. Their unquestionable desire of performing and creating new music is such a welcomed sight, I only want good things for The Novus and if they keep plowing down this road – good things will come. 

Words: Alex Wise 


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