The Outcharms – Lazy

The Outcharms return with their clean-cut single ‘Lazy’ and they’re sounding better than ever. 

It’s been almost a year since we’ve had any new material from The Outcharms, a few bumps in the road for them have meant we’ve had to wait that extra little bit of time and honestly, it’s been very much worth it. 

They’ve swaggered back into the room, all eyes on them with confidence, passion and sounding top notch with their most recent single ‘Lazy’. A clean-cut offering which is so clean, there’s no flaws, dust or rust. It’s an easy-going listen with perfect Gallagher like vocals that ignite 90’s brit pop infusion. 

I didn’t quite think any of their new material could top off ‘Talk’ which was one of my top songs of the year in 2019 – a rusty, emotional number that was soley focussed on mental health and some important advice, which is, to talk to someone when you’re battling with your own demons. Even though, that was extremely beautiful and a much needed song to be released, The Outcharms have well and truly knocked it out of the park this time – their ever-going progression is fascinating and something to admire. 

Words: Geo Blackman 


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