The Outcharms – ‘To Be Young and in Love’

Doncaster’s finest brit-poppers release their third single of 2020 – ‘To Be Young and in Love’ which sees the band turn over a leaf with a new jangly-pop sound. 

We’re well into the second lockdown of the year and with a lot of us sat at home cooped up at our small desks in our bedrooms with a coffee in hand,  there’s still a lot of things to be happy about, things such as new music and The Outcharms‘ new single, ‘To Be Young and in Love’. 

Doncaster’s sweethearts and four-piece have struck the nation with a light-hearted tune that is springy and jangly and of course, is wrapped up in frontman Curtis Coopers caramel-smooth vocals as he coos “where I’m from, things are what they are, whatever it will be, will be, Que Sera“. 

The Outcharms have without a doubt created a form of escapism within this song, it’s a reminder that things will be alright in the end. 

Speaking about their latest track, frontman Curtis says: “We’ve always wanted progress in terms of our sound with each new tune, I think. The poppy, jangly sound is something that is quite prevalent in all our influences, so it made sense to explore that side of things. The lyrics are quite cynical if I’m honest. You think everything is a fairy tale when you’re young and it hits home when you realise that life isn’t like that. But this world still needs its dreamers, probably more so now than ever before…


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