The Redroom – ‘Nostalgia’

Sailing on their melodic, sweet-sounding boat down the Tyne, is up and coming Geordies – The Redroom with their debut release ‘Nostalgia’.

For a band that marked themselves on the music radar on the 1st day of October, this a masterpiece of a debut. Melancholic guitar riffs topped with hard-hitting vocals, the female-fronted Tynsiders fill your head up with a sequence of nostalgia that you are deeply missing, cementing those autumn blues on a VHS tape.

What is remarkable of this release is the introduction – for a band that has barely blown up yet, this is intro is purely impressive. The effect of melancholy that the song is aiming for hits in the first second of the song, progressing with the smooth sound of the guitar, then the spoken word vocals of frontwoman Jess Ward enters your earholes – it’s immense. Then the later into the track you get, you’re met with an intense drum filled verse that just sends your heart rate rushing through the roof, with it being brought back down by the smooth guitar caressed chorus, overcrowded by the words “let’s run away, baby…no need to be hasty…nostalgia is free!” It really is a fine example of a poetic genius, swimming its way up from the waters of the Tyne.

Normally, bands with the intent of melancholic lyrics and melodic guitar would go for specific colour patterns to fill their single cover, but The Redroom are keeping it simple with the old black and white, accompanied with a gravel background, sitting side by side with each other – it just screams nostalgia as the cover has a grainy feel to it. Also, they’ve definitely hit the nail on the head with the appearance of a pair of Doc Martens, resonating that nostalgic sense of friendships, youth, and upbringing. The cover will scratch The Redroom’s name into the heads of listeners with an aesthetically pleasing cover as well as a debut track that drowns you in your cherished memories whilst sparking one up near the window ledge as you embrace the cold dark nights. I have to say, though, I’m looking forward to the music video of this track as – like the song- it will be an articulate spiral of creativity and cinematography – it just is the perfect soundtrack to watching old tapes of being young, dumb and drunk in a middle of a field below an amber sunset.

This debut track is a must-listen for anyone in the North East – awhay, c’mon, let’s behind them! But, seriously if you are looking to be blown away, this is for. Fans of Wolf Alice, Blaenavon, The Baltics, and Spyres will love this, especially if you are after a hit of subtle, sensitive lyrics and grainy guitar riffs – then this is your thing.

Jack McKenna

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