The Reytons – ‘Red Smoke’

The Reytons release their boisterous, dominating but glorious new tune ‘Red Smoke’. 

The Reytons have returned with their new dominating single ‘Red Smoke’ alongside an extremely chaotic but fun music video.

‘Red Smoke’ is a perfect, loud, indie banger, but we’re sure that so many people were infatuated with their new music video, starring Phoenix Nights and Peep Show icon Neil Fitzmaurice. 

The Reytons have crashed back on to the scene with this tune to reclaim their throne in Sheffield by showing their insane confidence. It’s nice to hear a band clapping back with a song that isn’t about being in a lockdown, it’s a  track that announces their exciting sound. The riffs during ‘Red Smoke’ sound like they were created by pure vigor and fierceness and with a touch of dominating vocals and cocky lyricism The Reytons have reminded us why they’re one of the best bands to come out of Sheffield in recent years, they’ve taken no prisoners in the ‘Red Smoke’ attack and I like that. It’s no bullshit just completely to the point. 



Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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